Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back to Fever-Ville

Bryce woke up at 6:15am with a fever of 101.2 on his forehead. Man! He's got a similar sounding cough to what Caroline had 2 weeks ago but then, he and Piper both had a cough last week thanks to a cold. I'm wondering if we're headed for 5-7 days of fever again and a wonderful trip to the doctor's based on Caroline's fun with the flu. The only thing about Bryce is that he generally tolerates illnesses a little better than Caroline in that he drinks as much as he needs to without much prompting so that definitely helps to keep the fever at bay.

Of course, we have our semi-annual dental checkups and cleanings this morning that I'm on the fence about taking Bryce to. If I reschedule, he'll be "off" with Caroline and that will screw things up from here on out. He's also fine as long as the fever is down, so I think we'll just forge ahead.

And here I thought we were in the clear.....

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