Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Delight

Jason told me weeks ago that he had Valentine's Day taken care of. It was such a long time ago that I hadn't even realized that V-day was on a Saturday. Not that we're huge V-day people in that neither expects the other to do anything particularly special for the other, but in recent years we've used it as an excuse to get out for a much needed date night. Jason wouldn't tell me where we were going but given that he has good taste in restaurants, I wasn't worried. He'd also secured my parents for childcare, so there was nothing to worry about. (The kids had a ball eating their fave foods - mac n' cheese, chicken nuggets - making potato candy, and entertaining their Bertie & Pop Pop.)

We ended up eating at Roy's a Hawaiian fusion restaurant that Jay and I had been to a few years ago. Excellent food and for V-day they had a special prix fixe that was just wonderful!

So you can imagine my surprise that our V-day dinner wasn't just for the 2 of us, but it was with 2 other couples - Katie & Landon and Binnie & Marcus! What a treat! Not only did I get a night out without the kids at a very good restaurant, but we had a dinner with 2 other couples that we really enjoy spending time with and have a lot in common with - we all have kids aged 5 and under! We ate, laughed and obviously told stories about our kids but being that we're all parents we actually enjoy hearing the funny things other people's kids do.

Major points to Jason and the other husbands for pulling this off for 3 very busy moms! I told Jason that the fact that they all 3 knew us well enough that we didn't need/want some romantic dinner for 2 and that a dinner with all of us together would be even more therapeutic since laughing and commiserating always makes you feel human again.

We've even got some more plans to get together with all 7 kids in the near future since they all seem to get along really well too. Thanks for a great Valentine's Day to Jason, K, L, B, & M!

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Anonymous said...

Yay!! It was so fun and just what I needed. I was so happy to be surprised with my best friends & wonderful dinner!

I'll send you the photos soon. Slight technical difficulty .