Friday, February 20, 2009

Tough Day

Was debating what to do with Bryce today if he woke up with another fever. Maybe sending him to school medicated (couldn't do it, my conscience would bother me too much and I'd feel like a horrible mom), or taking him to work with me for a bit (couldn't do it, Caroline would have thrown a fit). So when I came out of the bathroom after showering this morning, I wasn't sure what to do. Well, I had my question answered. Caroline had a 100.6 fever too and complained of a headache.

Grrrrrrrrreat. And of course, I'm not going to take Piper to daycare if I'm home. So I've been home all day with 3 kids. Not a bad thing but it's been a tough day when 2 of them are semi-sick and difficult. Both of them are TIRED and will NOT take a nap. I spent every last bit of energy I had trying to get Bryce to take a nap. All that happened was he did not nap and kept Caroline awake with his screaming.

The house is a wreck b/c of all the fighting and running around they've been doing too. I'm just so done. They are both saying their throats are dry now. I took a look and no redness, so I think it's just a part of whatever it is they have. Caroline isn't congested like Bryce so I think his issues are a separate cold.

Oh and Piper doesn't want to be held, gets fussy when you put her down and then wants to be picked back up. She'll roll around/crawl for a few minutes then want you to pick her up and then when you pick her up she's wiggly and you can't really hold her. This stage is hard, I remember with the bigger kids. No longer lap baby but also not a solid, fast crawler yet.

Jason needs to get home soon. The episode of Hannah Montana that is keeping them temporarily quiet is almost over.


Lisa :-) said...

Oh, you poor thing! Now I know wy you are D.O.N.E! Understandably so! I think you are in for a long week-end! Hopefully, they can get a good nights sleep and will be a litte happier tomorrow?! Like I said in your post from yesterday, Samantha has had this cold and she has been miserable for a good week and a half! She is old enough to tend to herself but...still is cranky! Good luck.

BJ said...

Erika, my thoughts are with you:< because I as well can totally understand why you are D.O.N.E! I believe I would have been as well and I only have one! HA HA!!!! Hope they can have a good night and tomorrow is a better day.