Thursday, February 19, 2009


Again. Bryce had a fever last night after dinner which we noticed when he started complaining about his head hurting. 101.5 and then again this morning at almost 102! Ack! WTH? He's congested in his nose and has a little bit of a productive cough (I think it's in his throat, not chest) but he's not really that bad. He hasn't said anything more about his head but if you ask him if anything hurts he says "nothing." But, if you ask him specifically if something hurts, he'll tell you it does. ARGH! (You'd think it would be easier having a sick 3 year old than a baby because they can talk to you, but Bryce will tell you his toe hurts if you suggest it.)

So we're in wait and see mode. Jason is home with him today. I'm so tired of going to the doctor's only to be told it's viral and go about your business, thanks for the copay. Obviously, last week, I truly knew Piper was sick with the 3 day + fever and I'll do the same for Bryce. At least for him being over 18 months old, I can take him to Minute Clinic if necessary over the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Samantha has had those same symptoms and it stuck around for a good week. She is just now starting to feel better. But, she is still dragging butt! Hopefully, it doesn't stick with him as long. I agree with the whole doctor thing plus, Sam doesn't like to go if she doesn't have to! Even though she is 14 she still hates the Dr.! Hope he feels better. Hey, did you get the video that I sent you??