Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sickie 7 month old Piper

Poor baby, she's really had a rough couple of days! She's been pretty congested for about a week but the fevers didn't start until Wednesday and raged all through the day Thursday and Friday if I missed a dose of Tylenol or Motrin. I took her to the doctor's yesterday afternoon and in true fashion, she was PERFECT. I mean, it would be hard to convince anyone she was sick. She was smiling, cooing, babbling, laughing, jumping. Granted she was uber congested and had a temp of 99.5 but she was just the sweetest thing. The NP couldn't get enough of her and Dr. Q was enamored. But he did say she was extremely congested, but her ears were perfectly clear. (Thank you breastfeeding!) He gave me an Rx for antibiotics "just in case" she doesn't start getting better on her own and normally I don't fill them when he says that and don't need them, but yesterday, I did and I'm so glad I did. She was miserable last night and this morning her little eye even looks a little droopy. I'm suspecting maybe a sinus infection or something. I'm a believer in not using ABX for every little cough/sneeze, but this is far from just a regular old cold. Started as a virus but it's since gotten pretty gunky.

The hardest part right now are nights and mornings. She wants to nurse but she can barely breath through her nose, so it's hard for her. Poor thing! So she's had 2 doses of the pink stuff and I'm hoping for an improvement soon.

Oh and she's 7 months old today, so I'll have to take pics later and post them. She's almost crawling too - I got a video of it this morning - she is trying so hard!

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