Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Only Way to Get Things Done

Piper was in her exersaucer last night as I was cleaning up dinner and yelling and hooting and hollering because she didn't want to be in there. She wanted to be with me. I know that's what she wanted because if she got a direct look at me, the whining got LOUDER. So, I picked up (all 16 lbs of her!) and put her in my Ergo on my back for the first time. (I've used the hip and front hold before, but for cleaning up, you need the baby out of the way.)

At first she kept making this weird noise that sounded like a cross between a cry and laugh - like she wasn't sure about if she liked it or not. But then....SILENCE. I got the entire kitchen cleaned up and she didn't make a peep. Sweet! I knew this thing was going to be worth it. I love it for the other two holds too, but this back this is awesome. (And it's easy to put on!)

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Anonymous said...

I loved my backpack as I called it. I didn't get it until my third baby. What was I thinking. I don't know how I did it without it! I love pics of Piper with her piano. Soooooo cute! All of my kids walked by the first birthday. I liked that they could all walk early. Although, it wasn't always easy once they are mobile they get into more. Good luck. You have a very cute bunch of kids!