Sunday, February 01, 2009

A More Manly Outfit

Oh and here's Bryce and Caroline's dress up pics of the day, a bit more manly for Bryce. (He had been in his PJs, so he put his own jeans and vest combo together himself.) And yes, Dora keeps making sudden appearances. It's her costume from 2006, but she's still wearing it. I love that she always is sure to wear the yellow socks, just like Dora wears.


Katie said...

Blonde Dora!!!

When we were in SC at a playground the older kids kept saying Lucy was Dora. Heh.

Very cute smiles with these ones.

Anonymous said...

I look at these pics almost everyday...I just need to see the adorable faces of my grandkids. As I look at Brycey I can't help to think that he's still a baby too (don't tell him however)...the pic of him standing by himself he looks so little...ahhhhhh.
The pic of him and Caroline, I mean Dora, is picture perfect.
They can turn my yucky day around.
Love you!