Sunday, February 15, 2009

Handy Brycey

Bryce got a real tool kit with tool belt and suspenders from my aunt and uncle for Christmas and he got to put it work today while Jason was hanging new blinds in the living room. (He was "fixing" the old ones.) He looked so cute in his little tool belt and suspenders, I just had to take a photo - of course the rainbow suspenders made me think of Mork & Mindy, my fav show as a kid. (Mork was also my imaginary friend when I was 2...ah, nostalgia.)

Jason had to keep a close watch on him since the kit has a real hammer, screw driver, and pliers; albeit light weight versions. Bryce kept meandering to walls and doors and Jason had to steer him back to the old blinds. This could be a catastrophe waiting to happen given Bryce's knack for falling into things and making marks on things. But he sure was proud to have tools just like his daddy!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Mork & Mindy!!!!
Can Bryce come fix our siding? I thought it would be okay since he has a real hammer and all. Pro-rated for child labor of course.