Saturday, February 14, 2009

Got Love?

I heard the kids go downstairs together this morning at 6:30am without waking Jay and I. They were so cute talking to one another and being so sweet. I heard Bryce say he was scared (it was still kind of dark) and Caroline reassured him. Then they went into the downstairs bathroom and peed together too. I laid there listening, wondering what they were up to, but happy about the nice interaction going on between them. Just after 7am, a little messenger was sent upstairs by his big sister with a Valentine for me! And a few minutes later, a 2nd one was brought up for Jason. Aren't they the cutest things? Completely written on her own and self-initiated! I was just soooooo proud!! I love the heart too!!

Then they went downstairs and proceeded to write a Valentine's song for my parents who are coming over tonight to babysit while Jason and I go out to dinner. I'd say they are definitely in the spirit. Last night I made them a special dessert and gave them their little Valentine's prezzies. I gave Bryce a gecko Webkinz and Caroline an "I Love You" necklace. She was a little jealous of Bryce's Webkinz, but she was VERY excited for a big girl gift and loved the little box it came in. (She told me I was the best mommy ever!) And because she's a little older, she can actually play online with Bryce's Webkinz (a girl named Harry - named and gendered it himself!).

So our bellies are now full of strawberry whole wheat pancakes and we're ready to start the day. I've got some blogging to catch up on.


Bracken said...

That is just so precious! Those kids are the cutest

Anonymous said...

So SWEET!!!! That is the kind of stuff that you will remember always.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the above comment was from me :-(