Saturday, February 14, 2009

Funny Stuff Around My House

My apparent lack of blogging lately does not mean that things have not been happening in our house lately. The kids are up to their usual tricks and making us laugh (and a little crazy). So here are a few things of note:

- Last night, I made homemade pizza (even the dough!) and the kids insisted on eating their pizza with chopsticks. Who knows why. Lots of stabbing and spearing....

- Often when Bryce gets home from school, he takes off his pants and runs around in just his shirt and underpants. I asked him why and he says, "Because I want to be Captain Underpants!" (I think he liked the book Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelly gave Caroline for Christmas!)

- Bryce is now officially potty trained and we are just so so so proud of him! Although the new routine has certainly been interesting for him. He likes trying to sneak and pee with the toilet seat down. If you try to catch him in the act he'll tell you to close the door all the way because he needs "privacy." (He never seems to need privacy when he's walking around showing you his butt or showing you how big boy underpants work - you know, that amazing hole in the front?)

- Caroline and Bryce spent the night last Saturday with Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jesse. This was their first non-grandparent sleep over and they did great! (A big thank you to UJ and AK!) They started out sleeping on the floor of AK/UJ's room on their blow up beds, but ended up in the big bed because they were a little scared of what might be under the bed. Needless to say, AK and UJ didn't get a lot of good sleep that night but the kids had a GREAT time. They even came home talking about how much they liked a new and exciting food - lima beans!!!

- Friday morning when I was in the midst of some mommy stress (Piper was feverish, congested and had just barfed on me and I was trying to get the big kids ready for school), I asked Caroline to go in and help Bryce pick out his clothes. Well, a few moments later I hear LOTS of whooping and laughing - too much fun to be had from just picking out one outfit. They had pulled out ALL of Bryce's clothes (summer & winter) and were JUMPING on the pile. I didn't realize how many clothes he had - OMG. (Again, I NEED to put those summer clothes where they can't reach them.) Obviously, I was pretty irritated at the moment and made them clean it up when they got home, but now that I think back to it, it makes me laugh because it was pretty funny how much fun they were having up to no good.

- Caroline has been reminding me of that old lady character from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation that wrapped up her cat. Clearly she doesn't have the ability to go shopping (or the money) so when she wants to give people gifts, she wraps stuff up from around the house and gives it to them. The other day, she gave me a gift bag full of kid jewelry, some of her fav clothes, and a few stickers. She told me to pretend that the clothes fit me. And then this morning she has already wrapped up two items for Bertie and Pop Pop who are coming over this evening for Valentine's Day. In this case, the thought definitely DOES count since she's giving the things she really loves.

- The other night we were playing animal rescue/hospital (their fave imaginary thing to play these days) and Caroline brought me a zebra to check on. She said (and I directly quote), "This zebra has a very swollen butt. She hasn't wiped it in WEEKS. See, she's a new kind of animal that doesn't poop - just pees. And it's a VERY small amount of liquid." I love the things she thinks of and the words she uses to describe things!

- Bryce has a new nickname around our house - "Little Helper." Jason and I can't do much of anything anymore without Bryce offering his help. He has to be in the thick of it all and wants to be right there putting his little hands in the works. Especially with cooking. I seriously think he's got a future in the culinary arts. But while I love his gusto and interest, he seems to gum up the works a lot because he is a bit clumsy and doesn't exactly help a lot of times and just makes things messier or slower. We try to let him help as much as we can but he just doesn't get it when we need him to back up or move away from something dangerous and then it usually turns into a tantrum. But, I do appreciate that he wants to be so helpful to us.

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