Saturday, February 21, 2009


After my post yesterday, I went into the family room (aka Hannah Montana zone) and sat down, nursed Piper to sleep, and watched another HM with Caroline and Bryce while we waited for Jason to come home. When the kids had come down from non-napping, Caroline mentioned she was chilly and I felt her head and she didn't really feel warm, so I figured it was the fact that she was wearing a ballet leotard and no shoes. Plus, it was chilly in the house thanks to the gusty wind and just feeling a little drafty. I also noticed her eyes looked bloodshot. I felt her again a little later and she had a fever of 101. I dispensed Tylenol and figured an improvement would come. By the time Jason got home though, it was 103. Crap. So we waited another hour hoping the Tylenol would kick in, but it didn't. She was miserable. It had been over 90 minutes since the Tylenol and over 5 hours since the last Motrin, so we gave her another dose of the Motrin. Finally, an hour later, the temp started going down. Whew. But it was around the time that she started improving that Bryce started with a fever. He peaked at about 101.5 but the Motrin kicked in quickly and he passed out on the couch. (We figured out a little while later why the Tylenol did nothing for C's fever - she hadn't taken the 3rd tablet, she dropped it on the couch and was laying on it.)

My parents brought dinner over and it was the quietest visit we've had with them since Caroline was a baby. C & B were too tired/sick to get off the couch and barely acknowledged my parents being there. Very odd since my kids usually practically run them down when they walk in the door. So my parents left to get home and pack for their trip and we stayed in Feverville.

Neither kid was hungry but we convinced them each to eat some freezie pops and that helped their moods significantly. I let them stay up until 9pm watching Phineas and Ferb on my lap and then they quickly passed out once we got them into bed.

Caroline woke up at 5:45 asking me to turn the water on for her so she could get a drink and her temp was at 101 already. So another dose of Motrin and back to bed. At 6:45 Bryce came in and demanded us to get up and go downstairs and we found out that Caroline was already downstairs playing. Bryce didn't feel warm at this point so I was thinking maybe he was on the mend. But about an hour later, they were both feeling warm again and their temps were starting to head up so I dosed them each with the appropriate meds. Now they are playing happily and convinced they are "better." So we'll see. They each have complained about headaches, but Caroline has mentioned having a dry throat (although not sore) and Bryce has said his ear hurts a little bit sometimes. I've inspected both throats and don't observe any redness, so I don't know. And as for Bryce potentially having a mild ear infection, after reading a lot about how most ear infections don't need antibiotics, I'm just doing the "wait and see" for the weekend.

I am so tired of taking the kids to the doctor's just to be told it's viral and to wait it out. And then if they aren't already feeling better at the appointment (because kids usually get better once an actual appointment is made!), they get better within a few days. So we'll see. We've already had to change our plans this weekend since we had hoped to visit the Science Center with the D and B families this morning. The kids were a bit bummed to realize we weren't going today. :(

I'm tired of these mystery illnesses and fevers. I guess a diagnosis of some kind of infection is nice since you know what it is, but so many viruses are innocuous in the end, I guess we just have to wait it out.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, man! Poor little buds! I remember going through all of this and it goes to each kid! Then you take them to the doctors to hear that you have to let it run its course. After going to the doctor you probably picked up more sickness. My kids will tell you to this day when they go to the doctor's that I totally forbided them to touch the toys. I would tell them to sit in the chair and put their hands in their laps. (sorry, freaky about that stuff)! I hope they start to feel better soon :-(