Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Extending Her Wardrobe

Caroline has certainly been exhibiting her color personality lately. Aside from showcasing her quirky packrat ways, she's also been quite the fashionista. Several times since summer ended, she will try to pick out clothes that are clearly made for warmer temperatures. (I keep clothes that may still fit her for the following summer in one of her dresser drawers.) Usually, I've won out and gotten her to change. But the past 2 mornings, she's gotten dressed without any prompting from me. Yesterday, I wondered why the sudden interest in getting dressed without nagging and then I realized it when I walked into her room. There she stood with one of her favorite summer outfits - a pink striped skort and matching pink rainbow top. To winterize it, she had picked out white tights that had pink hearts all over them. I balked at first and then realized it was a battle not worth fighting, so I convinced her to put a long sleeved white t-shirt on underneath and she was happy. Although she did roll her eyes at me and huff about the fact that I'd messed up her hair when putting on the additional shirt and that she'd "worked so hard" on putting those two barrettes in on the one side. She finished off the outfit with a pair of slip on white flats that have cherries all over them. (I should have gotten a photo!)

Fast forward to this morning and again she ran up the steps after eating to get herself dressed. This morning's outfit was another summer one and colorful, to say the least. She was wearing a cotton knit blue skort, matching white and blue t-shirt with a white turtleneck underneath, pink footless tights (from her ballet outfit), white socks with rainbow hearts, and black mary janes. Whew! It was quite an outfit, but she thought she looked pretty and she WAS dressed. She also accessorized with not 1, but 2 beaded headbands. I'm hoping she'll still be wearing the getup this evening when I get home so I can take a photo. I'm just not sure what made her choose to wear the pink footless tights since they aren't in with her other tights and she had a few regular (footed) tights she could have put on.

I think her main motivation in wearing these outfits though is because they are skirts and she's had a real interest in wearing skirts/dresses lately. She is already planning on wearing her red dress that she wore for Christmas on Thursday for her class Valentine's party. And this weekend when I came home from Target with a new pair of rainbow tights for her, she told me I was the "best mommy in the whole world!" So I think we're into her girliest phase yet. Not that I'm surprised since this is when a lot of little girls go through the dress/skirt phase. My guess is that her upcoming spring/summer wardrobe will be comprised of a LOT of skorts to keep her happy.


Anonymous said...

Is Project Runway in her future???


Anonymous said...

YAY Caroline! Keep the creativity flowing!
Aunt Kel