Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Caroline's Line of the Day

This morning, I was urging her to go and get dressed while I fed Piper and told her to go into her room and pick out what she was going to wear. She looked at me, very matter of fact and said:

"Mommy, Lindsey and I already discussed it. We are going to wear our matching purple star shirts."

And with a flip of her shoulder, she left and put on said purple shirt. Seriously, Caroline, "discussed?" I guess when you're talking about volcanoes at 22 months old that using the word "discuss" so easily in a sentence should be expected.


Heather said...

OH MAN, I am in for it then...because my 19-month old talks about cow udders!

Katie said...

Who is Lindsey?

Erika said...

Another girl at school - she's in Bryce's class but I guess they have the same purple sweatshirt with stars on it. She was all disapointed because Lindsey forgot! But they've discussed new plans for Monday.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking it was an imaginary person! LOL.
So she is discussing clothes with her classmates already??