Thursday, February 05, 2009


That's pretty much how I feel at the moment about life in general. Blech. I'm not really hung up on the weather since I just feel like I'm too busy to even notice the weather most days. Yeah it's cold, but whatever. Ice, snow, etc, all it does is give me another obstacle to overcome that day. I'm just tired of winter because the kids pretty much have some kind of virus constantly now. I swear they were just getting over a cold to only be accosted with another one. Caroline now has this annoying barking type cough, Piper is uber congested and can't nurse very long without coming up for air, and Bryce is snotty, although he seems like he's on the mend. (Time for another cold to hit ?!?!?!?)

Yesterday was a rough day - my sweet mom volunteered to take Piper back to the doc's to make up her 6 month shots since she'd had a fever at her last checkup. So when I got home from work, Piper was not herself thanks to the vaccines, a snotty cold, and maybe teething. Caroline had a low fever and was starting with the cough while Bryce ran around like a silly mad man who hadn't taken a nap. Then after dinner, I put the big kids in the tub to relax in some vapor bath and I sat on the floor with Piper who I was supporting in a stand so she could watch them. They were making her laugh and she was bopping around and she banged her top lip/gum on the side of the tub. Poor baby - it was bleeding and I was so mad at myself for not holding her better. Thankfully, a little cold water on a washcloth and then some ice stopped the bleeding and she just looked uncomfortable when she nursed. Poor baby really had a rough day. At least she woke up smiling this morning, albeit with huge green boogers dried all over her upper lip.

And then on top of that, work is busy. Very busy. January/February are the worst times of year at work and this year, likely thanks to the economy, we are up over 150 applications than usual. Holy geez if you saw the piles of materials and scanning that mount up. I'm fairly busy at work 12 months of the year, but I feel as though the rest of the year I can breathe a little. But not now. I couldn't believe how much I'd accomplished by 10am this morning. I seriously need two monitors in my office for all the multitasking I do. So by 4:30, I can't believe the day is over and while I'm happy the day has flown, I'm also frustrated I didn't get even more done. And I'm usually weary from concentrating so intensely for hours on end. (I'm very bad about taking breaks....)

So blah blah blah. I will never be so happy for spring as I will be this year. I want to air out my house, get the germs out and the stink blown off of my kids. Of course with spring comes allergy season and you know how ripe my kids are for that. But right now, I'll take allergy kids over sick kids any day. At least in that case Zyrtec, Singulair, and Nasonex work to keep them in pretty good shape.

Yeah, so that's where I've been, in blah-world. Wake me when it's April.


Katie said...

Spring will be here soon!!!! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Man, what a bummer! I am sorry the kids are sick again. I am with you COME ON SPRING! Hopefully, you will have a better weekend. The weather is supposed to be a little warmer. So, that will be a teaser and then it will get cold yet again. But, one day the warmth will come and actually stay :-)