Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tomorrow is Friday - That Means, Another Doctor Visit

In our ongoing saga of illnesses around here lately, here's a recap:

Piper had a fever with extreme congestion 2 weeks ago. I stayed home with her on Thursday and Friday and took her to the doc's on Friday and got her on ABX because the fever was not going down and she was MISERABLE. I'm pretty sure it was a sinus infection. Her fever stopped within 24 hours but the congestion has lingered although not too bad, just mild.

Bryce had a fever starting on Wednesday of last week that lasted until Saturday morning. He had some congestion that really hasn't abated but was probably the best off of the three. I figured he was over it.

Caroline started with a fever on Friday morning going all the way up to 103 on Friday evening. Continued through Saturday and Sunday and then after complaining about her throat hurting and seeing white patches back there, I took her to Minute Clinic where they diagnosed a nasty ear infection. She was better within 24 hours.

So this evening when I got home, Jason said Bryce had been quiet and I noticed his eyes were all bloodshot. Plus, last night he kept waking up moaning, but didn't complain about anything specifically. But, Jay took his temp this evening and it was about 101. Crap. I had just said to my office mates that I would see them tomorrow - my first Friday I would be there in several weeks.

Bryce is also now complaining about his ears in addition to the headache he's had off and on all week. Plus the congestion is worse and his lymph nodes are clearly pretty swollen. Yuck. So, if he wakes with a fever, I'm going to dope him up with motrin and take him to work with me while we wait for the doctor's "sick hours" later in the day. He's been wanting to go to work with me and this is a good time to do it. But if he were to be sicker, obviously, that's a no go. I guess it's just wait an see again.

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Bracken said...

Man, I just feel so sorry that you are having to deal with this this winter. I hope you are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.