Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Piper was playing with her little piano tonight while we finished dinner and she went over to it, got up on her knees and before I knew it was in THIS pose:

She's only 7 months old - how can she be practically standing/pulling up on things already!?!?!? AH!!!! Caroline walked at 13 months and Bryce on his 1st birthday so it will be interesting to see when Miss Piper walks. Not that I want to rush her. I remember reading something about how with the 1st child you egg them on and photograph/video every little attempt at walking. With the 2nd, you're happy but you're not holding your breath. And with you're 3rd, you trip them! (Because, well, you know what you're in for....) Not that I would ever trip my baby! But maybe some shoes that make it hard to walk????

And for prosperity's sake, here are my 2 fav photos of the night...

Playing her piano, and just so happy:

Sister piano time...


Anonymous said...

ADORABLE!!!!I miss them :-(

Erin said...

My bet is on first steps by 10 months!

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! These pics are so freakin cute!
I need to come visit my nieces and nephew!
Aunt Kelly G.