Sunday, February 22, 2009

All Dressed Up....

and no place to go! Lately, if Caroline is at home, she is in full costume. As soon as she gets home from school, she changes her clothes into something that comes from her dress-up box. So she's either in full princess gear, ballerina attire, or is Dora. She's spent the last two days with a fever in her ballerina tights and leotard. She changed into her ballerina outfit almost immediately on Friday morning and after a feverish day, I put them in the hamper after putting her to bed Friday night. Well, I guess she didn't care because she dug it out yesterday morning and wore it all day again yesterday. Last night I told her it HAD to be washed before she could wear it again. And then this morning, she's already in full Dora get up. (Yellow socks included.) It's getting to the point where I don't know why she has so many regular clothes because she only wears them to school now. Plus, all of her costumes aren't exactly made for winter temps (or what you wear if you have a high fever). I know I get chilly just looking at her.

And often when we see her come down in a new costume, we know that it means her room is now a wreck with all of her dress up clothes pulled out of the closet along with whatever clothes she was wearing previously strewn about the room.

As for the illness situation....Bryce hasn't had a fever since Friday night but Caroline has continued to be feverish without motrin/tylenol. She was about 102 this morning when she woke up, but she's starting to perk up between fevers more so I think she's on the mend and I'm seriously hoping she'll be able to go to school tomorrow. She could stay home with my MIL if needed but I think she needs to get out of the house! Plus, if she were to stay home convincing Bryce to go without her is practically impossible and that kid REALLY needs to get out of the house. It's been since Wednesday and there is a serious case of cabin fever going around this house in addition to the other germs.

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