Sunday, February 15, 2009

7 Month Comparison

So here's Miss Piper's 7 month shot - you can see what a good sitter she is now. And I think I can say that yesterday, she officially crawled. Caroline saw it first and then I did. She got some forward motion going but then stalled and hasn't done it since. Not that I'm wanting to rush her since I know how much trouble she'll be into with the way Caroline and Bryce leave things lying around. But she just loves to be on the floor these days rolling, rocking, and touching everything she can get close to.

Oh and I was so right to start her on the antibiotics on Friday evening. We had a rough night Friday into Saturday, another 101 fever Saturday morning with extreme congestion. Once we got her back on the Tylenol/Motrin cycle she was okay, but just sooo stuffed up and snotty. Then she seemed a little better but did get another fever at bedtime. But this morning, wow, she is on the mend!! No fever for the first time since Tuesday and through the day I've noticed an improvement. While her appetite wasn't great today, when she did nurse, it wasn't like she was trying to breath through wet cotton. You can still hear the congestion, but it's sooooo much better. I'd be willing to bet she had a sinus infection. And I think now that she's better, I realize how bad she was really feeling. She's just been the sweetest thing today and I just marvel at how much I love her babyhood - especially when her older siblings are exhibiting not so attractive behaviors.


Caroline @ 7 months (July 4th!):

Bryce @ 7 months (should have put Piper in this sleeper since all 3 kids have worn it)


BJ said...

Okay, for some reason my comment got erased :<

I noted that Caroline actually looks older than the other two in the picture comparisons. Piper sure is growing up. Glad to hear she is feeling better.

Erika said...

You know what's funny is that for Bryce and Caroline, I don't have "official 7 month shots." Caroline's just happened to be taken and Bryce's was a few days later (and NOT a great pic). Piper's made up for it (if you saw my other pics I posted on FB - the close up!)

Katie said...

They all look so different! Amazing!