Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yummy Cereal

Miss Piper had her first bowl of cereal today. I'd been putting it off for as long as possible since I loved having an exclusively breastfed baby for diapering reasons, plus it's another sign she's growing up way too fast!! But, I've sensed lately that she's getting hungrier and she was ready. I held out the longest with her of all the kids - I started Caroline at 4 months (advice was different 5 years ago!) and then Bryce at 5 months. She didn't do any tongue thrusting and she even opened her mouth for the spoon a few times!

I bought the rice cereal at the grocery store a few days ago when I had Caroline with me and ever since, every morning Caroline has been asking if it's time to feed her. I told her I'd do it on New Year's Day and as soon as they got up this morning, she remembered and started hooting and hollering to Piper about the fact that she got to eat cereal today. I don't think Piper got it. Heh. Both big brother and sister were eagerly awaiting Piper's reaction to her first non-breastmilk meal and were talking to her in the usual older sibling sing-songy voices. Caroline was very proud of her and proceeded to share the news right away when she talked to both sets of grandparents. Guess it was a red letter day in her book too!

So we'll give it a few more days of the ultra thin cereal and then start seeing how she does with it a little bit thicker. I've also got oatmeal cereal in reserve since I know rice can sometimes be harder on a baby's sensitive GI tract. I'm just hoping it will help me to stay on par with her milk needs because there was no way I was going to be able to make anymore than I'm able to right now while I'm at work.

Sigh. Another milestone for my baby girl.

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Mama said...

Erika--Piper is ALL you. That photo really shows how much she looks just like you. Her expression and everything! Wow! *sniffle* babies grow up so fast!