Thursday, January 01, 2009


Another Piper milestone, we're trying to get her to sleep unswaddled. I know I swaddled both Bryce and Caroline as babes and clearly they are not sleeping swaddled anymore but I honestly have NO recollection of how I got them from sleeping all snug and swaddled to sleeping free and clear of any blankets.

I do think that we've swaddled Piper the longest because I learned the art of the double swaddle since it really helps her sleep, but I realized the other night I really need to get her weaned of this because she's figured out how to roll over in a swaddle and that's problematic because she cannot get back over when she's all wrapped up. If she's unswaddled it's a non issue because she can roll back and forth fine. It's just that even though she always fought the swaddle, it kept her sleeping longer and more securely. We put her to bed almost 2 hours ago and she keeps waking up. She's upstairs in her crib right now fussing. Not crying, just fussing. Poor baby. She just doesn't understand but honestly, right now this is for her safety because I can't have her rolling over in a swaddle.

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