Friday, January 23, 2009

Purple Heart

Wahoo! Purple Heart is making a pick up in my neighborhood tomorrow so that means I can get rid of a bunch of stuff. We've got 3 big garbage bags full of gently used clothes and various other items. Although it barely puts a dent in my basement, but every little bit helps. I seriously need to go through my gift bag stash. Ugh. It's horrible. And we're not talking about any of the Christmas bags - this is just a random collection of gift bags from all non-Christmas holidays. It's seriously eating up a corner of the basement b/c it's so unorganized. There are birthday bags, wedding bags, Valentine bags, Easter bags, and worst of all, BABY SHOWER BAGS!!!! But they are all in good condition, so it's very hard to just throw them away since you know that you'll likely eventually use them.

So, I'm putting this out there to my family (and friends too) - if you need a gift bag or two, come to me before you buy any. Seriously.

Oh and I also rearranged the kids clothing bins as I put away Piper's 3-6 month clothes (sniff sniff) and pull out the 6-9 month stuff that was Caroline's and wasn't summer stuff. OMG, I have a lot of kid clothes. And since we are done, it's really starting to bug me. As grateful as I am to have had so much (and to have plenty for Piper), the stuff 0-6 month girl stuff and all the boy stuff is just sitting. I know a lot of people who sell, trade, donate their old baby/kid stuff, but since so much of it was purchased by my mom and MIL, I feel that I should keep it around for when and if mine and Jay's siblings have kids. Not that they won't get a bunch of new stuff, but I know that I never had very many hand me downs and sometimes they would have helped. But each season, the bins multiply as they grow out of old clothes and new clothes fill their drawers.

I guess I need to ask my mom and MIL how much they would like us to keep for any other future grandchildren. Keeping things like the cosleeper, pack n play, and such is not a problem, it's the bins and bins of clothes. It's not a huge problem now but I know that Jay and I would like to (this year) get the basement cleaned out as we slowly begin the process of finishing the basement. We've got to get better at purging things we do not need - my inner organizer just cannot stand the basement and I try to avoid thinking about it at all costs.

Although it was interesting to go through Caroline's 12-24 month bin tonight and see all her clothes and notice how grubby some of them now look - clearly she got a lot of wear out of them. And lots of shoes - Piper will have PLENTY of shoes thanks to Miss C. (Or maybe I should thank my mom and MIL!)

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Mama said...

I hear you on the bins of clothes! They are taking over my garage with only one child's outfits! One idea a friend gave me, that I am definitely going to do is to save some of the more sentimental outfits from her baby days and make a quilt for her. Perhaps you can set aside 3 bins of clothes to keep for this purpose too! Just an idea. And, start putting some pressure on those sister-in-laws of yours to make some babies! Hee hee!