Friday, January 30, 2009

Piper, The Wily Baby

Merriam-Webster says that wily means "full of playful tricks." Well, if wily doesn't describe Miss Piper these days, I don't know what does.

Let me just tell you, the past week has been a big one for Miss P. She is now sitting up, rocking on all fours, rolling around like crazy, grabbing at everything near her, and babbling up a storm. Add this to her adorable screams, shrieks, giggles, and play bashfulness and you have one wily baby. Jason and I have both remarked how hard it is all of a sudden to change her - she just wants to get away. And while she'll let me hold and cuddle her while she's nursing, after that, she wants to move. It's amazing how much she's changing. It's like she hit the 6 month marker and she's just taken off. I think it's a matter of weeks before she's crawling because she's already starting to put one hand out and trying to move her legs too. All the while, she just has this ornery little look on her face too.

Not that I should be surprised. If you could see the way she watches Caroline and Bryce, you can tell she's taking mental notes in her head. Jason and I keep telling her not to pick up any bad habits, but we know that's just not possible. She thinks they are hilarious (well, as long as they aren't laying on her) and often when we'll catch them doing something to her they aren't supposed to, we'll find her laughing at them for doing it. It's now gotten to the point where Caroline and Bryce are trying to entertain their little sister and when we tell them to stop something they reply, "But she likes it!"

Here's a little snippet of the babbling: (She was "talking" up a storm before I stopped the swing to get a video, so this is just a sample.)

And here you can see her in action - getting very close to crawling (until a certain older sibling KICKS the ball away from her - sweet.):

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Anonymous said...

I bet you laid into C for kicking the ball not only away from P but hitting you and the camera as well! Whoops!

P is freakin' adorable! Kinda makes me want another baby - thank God my tubes are tied!

~ Viv