Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Piper is a 1/2!

Caroline and Bryce are obsessed with half birthdays these days and when you can officially call yourself 3 1/2 or 5 1/2, so you can guess their excitement when I told them that today, Piper is a 1/2! (They didn't quite understand that.) But once I boiled it down for them Caroline decided we should sing to her and have cupcakes. We did sing to her but we didn't do any cake.

So Miss Piper is growing too too fast! She's regularly up on all fours rocking back and forth. She doesn't really try to sit up but if you position her, she can do it for a second or two. I think she's more interested in moving - especially in the direction of her big sister and brother. She watches them intently and yells at them all the time. Just this week she figured out she could grab onto things and either bang them or really jerk something around to make noise.

She's also started dabbling in non-cereal dishes this week and has showed she really likes sweet potatoes but peas are just okay. We'll try some fruits this weekend. But overall, she seems to like the new addition to solids to her diet and gobbles up her cereal very quickly. She's still downing her usual amount of breastmilk every day too - she's definitely on a growth spurt of some kind. Plus, I KNOW she's teething. Drooling, gnawing, on/off crankiness. It's just a matter of time. Caroline didn't get her first tooth until almost 10 months but Bryce got his at 4 1/2 months - I think Piper will fall somewhere in between.

So without further adieu, I give you Miss Piper's 6 month photo along with a comparison of her with her siblings.

Caroline @ 6 months:

Bryce at 6 months:


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures...the comparisons are too much! I love that the girls have the same onesie and dollie. And Bryce just looks like a little boy. It is amazing that Piper has the dark hair though. Time will tell :-)

Erika said...

I am starting to think that the brown hair is going to stick. Not that it bothers me one bit, but I'm still surprised given how blond Jay and I were as kids. But Miss Piper is her own girl!

Dawn said...

So cute Erika! I do think Piper looks like her own girl -- though her smile seems a lot like Caroline's! Very cute.

Katie said...

Same happy smile! I love her brown hair. Very adorable.