Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Saturday

So here was our Saturday...

  • Bryce came into our room at 6:53am although I didn't know it until I rolled over in bed and caught his face with my fingernail. He had stepped up next to me just as I rolled over. Bad timing and the poor kid has a big scratch next to his eye - I actually drew blood. And his pants were completely soaked through - he drank waaaaaay too much water before bed.

  • Kids played mostly happily all morning while Jay and I did household tasks. We kept the fireplace going because 19 degrees makes the house a little chilly! I got Bryce set up on the Wii Fit and both of them LOVE the running activity. Both ran a lot and I think it got some of their pent up energy out!

  • For lunch, I played restaurant with the kids. The playroom became Mommy's Diner and the kids enjoyed a 3 course meal. (PBJ or Chicken & Stars soup, fruit snacks, pickles, crackers, etc....) They ate their lunch better than usual. They liked the music the diner played too. Their bill came to a hug and a kiss a piece which they paid quickly. (No dash and dine.)

  • Both kids took naps! Neither wanted to, but they did and were better for it.

  • As the kids were waking up, Jay and I were watching CNN regarding the coverage of the Obama train ride to Baltimore/DC. We watched it slow in Edgewood and then watched his speech in Baltimore. My kids really do like Obama. I'm just plain fascinated by people's overwhelming excitement and all the pomp and cirucmstance that go along with it. My favorite was when one of the CNN correspondents on the scene in Edgewood asked a tween why he liked Obama and he said, "Because he's the best president." Um, he hasn't even worked a day as president yet, kiddo.

  • Jason made a nice dinner while I snoozed and held Piper. The big kids caught up on some Hannah Montana episodes.

  • While I cleaned up said dinner, Jason got the big kids in their PJs and then I made a big bowl of popcorn. The family room became our movie theater and we watched Surf's Up together - a cute little movie that was over in 85 minutes.

  • After the movie, all 3 kids went to bed with fairly few issues and Jay and I played a few party games on the Wii after which point we caught up on the 2 DVRed episodes of Scrubs and then passed out on the couch. Sweet.

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Bracken said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday!