Thursday, January 01, 2009

NYE 2008/2009

I never know if it's NYE 2008 or 2009 (the previous year or the new one).

But nevertheless, we happily spent our NYE with the same crew we've been hanging with the past 2 years (NYE 2007/8 and NYE 2006/7). Funny because 2 years ago, there were 6 adults and 4 kids. Last night there were 6 adults and SEVEN kids. We were outnumbered!! (Check the links to see the pics from the past 2 years!) How cute are these kids?

And last night was the first time that the kids really played together without a lot of adult help. Yes, they did need some supervision, but they had fun imagining and playing together - well at least the 4 big kids did. I think the 3 younger will be up and chasing them in no time!

So a huge thank you to Katie and her family for hosting and a big hello to Binnie and her family too for joining us. It's so nice having a NYE crew since I always find NYE to be so stressful to find something to do and I just love having such a great group of friends to share it with. Granted we were home before 10:30, but it felt like we did something and the kids had a ball - especially when Ms. Katie chased them with Taffy the horse monster!

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Anonymous said...

That's evidence of lots of love with these 7 beautiful children!