Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Little History Buff In The Making

The kids have been clued in about the upcoming inauguration for a while now. They knew who both of the main candidates were in the election back in November and were aware who won. Of course they are inundated with photos of President Obama everywhere. We watched his arrival/speech in Baltimore over the weekend and we talked about the fact that Tuesday he would officially become the president.

So on Tuesday afternoon, when Jay got the kids home, he immediately turned on the inauguration coverage and Caroline said, "My teacher had that on at school - I was the only one watching it with her, the rest of the kids played."

Now, as a history major and someone who believes in the importance of being aware of current events, I was thrilled to hear that! And then the rest of the evening, she sat watching the parade as we talked about it and what was going on.

Then last night, I gave her a quick quiz and asked her who our president was (easy) and of course, she knew. Then I asked her who our VP was (a little harder) and she also knew! First and last name! Then I asked her what I thought was a lot harder - who was our last president and again, she knew! Then I taught her who the former VP was and she repeated his name a few times. But I think that got her more interested because then she started asking me who was the president/VP before him and so forth. Of course, I filled her in.

I love that she already has a natural interest and curiousity in this stuff since it always came naturally to me too. And regardless of how I feel about any past or current administration, I love the rituals (pomp and circumstance) of our government and the history behind it all. So I'm hoping as she grows, she'll continue to have an interest in it since it's definitely something she'll be able to share with Jay and me.

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Katie said...

Go Caroline! Maybe she will be one of those kids who can recite all of the presidents in order and she can be on Oprah!

This just reminded me of an Emilyism I forgot to post...