Thursday, January 08, 2009

My Big Girl

Caroline is just growing up so fast. She's maturing more and more everyday. Not only is she done with bed rails, but she's totally into picking out her own clothes and completely dressing herself - mostly in dresses now. I love that I barely have to tell her to get dressed in the morning. She just goes in and comes out dressed - and usually really well! She also brushes her own teeth and hair and then washes her face - making sure to get the water warm before washing. At night before bed we are starting to read her simple reader books together because she is dying to learn how to read. The other night we played the 50 States Jr. game she got for Christmas and I was amazed at how well she did. She just loves doing her special workbooks geared for kids her age (or a little older) and just has a general interest in so many worldly ideas. I just love talking to her and hearing the things she has to say. Although sometimes it's VERY hard because she starts talking and guess who butts in (BRYCE!). She gets very frustrated by that and says so.

I think the thing I love most of all when talking to her is the words she uses. Mostly she uses them correctly or almost correctly and I just love her tone and ability to parse a sentence correctly. The other night Bryce hit her in the head with a Mega Block on purpose and after she was done crying and had an ice pack on her head she looks at him seriously and says, "Bryce, I am VERY disappointed in you."

And when she's helping with Piper, it cracks me up how she'll talk to her just like my mom and I do in an overly excited voice and with phrases such as "Aww, you like that?" or "Aww, look at you!"

I think she's a little mommy in training. At least I think she wishes Bryce listened to her like a mom. (Not gonna happen!)

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