Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Barf

I spent the rest of the evening on the couch feeling absolutely miserable. I threw up for the last time after 11pm but still feel kind of lousy this morning. But at 2am, we got a wakeup call - Bryce throwing up. Blech. So a fast change of bed linens and he was back in bed with his trashcan and thankfully the 2nd round of vomiting landed in the target! (Woohoo for kids getting older and being able to barf in a specific spot.) He slept through the rest of the night and seemed mostly himself this morning. We both ate some toast this morning too.

But my SIL called to tell us that my MIL and FIL (who were in bed with Caroline the first time she threw up on Friday morning) have come down with it...again. I feel terrible about it. They got it the first time after being exposed to Piper and me and now they have it again. Geez.

Jason already went ahead and gathered up all the cardboard/paper for recycling tomorrow so that in case he comes down with it tonight, he won't miss our paper recycling. I'm waiting to see what happens with Piper too. The good thing is that since I got it first, she's being exposed to my antibodies from breastmilk so I'm hoping that's good enough to keep her well. She had a cranky, crying night so I don't know if she wasn't feeling good or it could be teething too. After I gave her a dose of Tylenol at 3am, she slept more than an hour without waking up.

Obviously we aren't going ANYWHERE today. Trying to keep this virus at home. Although as long as the big kids are feeling back to normal tomorrow, they will go to school. My mom has volunteered to take care of Piper but I really don't want to expose her to it again and I'm considering just taking Piper to work with me for a while. I'm sure everyone at work would be thrilled to see her - I just have soooooo much to do tomorrow that I can't totally miss a day.

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