Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

Busy couple of days - if you haven't guessed by lack of posting.

Yesterday, I had a pediatric ophthalmologist appointment for Piper at a doctor's office near my work. We suspected she might have a slight lazy eye and wanted to get it checked out. So I made the appointment in the late morning and took Piper to work with me. Everyone was thrilled to meet her and she was very good. She even let me get some work done. Then we went to her appointment and the doctor was amazing! (Let me know if you need a recommendation!) Dr. J said that she suspects it's only a pseudo lazy eye and wants to see her back in 3 months. But she also was sure to tell me that Piper was much more attentive than most 6 month olds she sees and that she is so alert and clearly advanced! (Nice to hear!) So after a good visit, we came home and I went and picked the big kids up early since the ice was coming and my DCP wanted to close a little early.

So the ice has now come - my street looks like a complete sheet of ice. Jason made it to work on time but said he was surprised how bad our development was and that the side roads weren't much better. So daycare is closed, but work isn't opening until noon, so my mom said she'd watch all 3 kids when I went in. But now I'm thinking I might not go in at all. What's the point of going in for 4 hours?? Plus, it's icy and I'm not sure I want to go out in it.

And wouldn't you know, that even though the kids have slept until at least 6:30 the past few mornings, today they were up before 6am. Don't they know that they are supposed to sleep in on snow days???? Mommy can't win! Plus they seem ultra zany this morning with lots of energy. They've been screaming and getting into general mischief, but at least they are getting along and not fighting. And I know they'll want to go out and play in the "snow" since they don't understand ice. I'm going to have to get inventive here today to keep their energy and intentions in check.

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Katie said...

Good for him that he got in on time.
We are still digging out.
I think L would have gone out sooner, but we had a rough night with Lucy.