Friday, January 02, 2009

I Miss Christmas, Mommy

I took advantage of not having to go anywhere today and took down the Christmas decorations. Caroline was laying on the couch sleeping in between throwing up, Piper napped, and Bryce was supposed to be napping. So I started taking it down when Bryce emerged from his non-nap to "help."

It really was so precious. Each thing I put away he'd say, "Mommy, I love Christmas!" or "Mommy, I'm gonna miss Christmas." or "Mommy, I miss Christmas." And then with some items, he'd actually say good bye to them and tell them he'd see them next year. He did this with the Christmas ornaments and with a few holiday doodads around the first floor. Then we went upstairs and took down both his and Caroline's mini-Christmas trees. He seemed especially sad about that.

But, I told him that if we left them up all year, they would lose their luster sooner than you'd realize. (I once left my mini-Christmas tree up all year and made decorations for each season. I got tired of it but didn't want to take it down because I swore I would love it all year. When Christmas came again, it wasn't that exciting! So take my advice, take down the Christmas decorations!) Plus, I told him that because he's so sad it's over that it means that he must have had a great Christmas and that warms my heart.

I also liked how he kept breaking into Christmas songs while I was working on my tasks too. But the boxes are still sitting around and the candles are still in the windows for one more night. Outdoor Christmas lights and candles are some of my favorite parts about the holidays.

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