Friday, January 09, 2009

He Just Couldn't Resist

Poor Jay! I really, truly thought he was in the clear as far as this stomach virus goes. Caroline, Bryce and I have been symptom free since Sunday morning. I think he thought so too. But last night at 12:15 I woke up to hear the poor guy sick in the bathroom. MAN! This virus is no joke. Hangs and hangs and hangs around. Tonight, I am scrubbing all 3 bathrooms - not that I haven't already been wiping them down with Clorox wipes regularly and washing my hands like crazy. Of course, there is always the possibility he picked it up at work too, but given the fact that we just had it, it's much more likely he got it from us. (In fact I HOPE he got it from us b/c if he got it somewhere else it could be another strain and the last thing I need is another round of a stomach virus!!!!!!)

So Jay was home this morning listening/watching us in our usual morning chaos. I had to keep imploring to Caroline and Bryce LEAVE DADDY ALONE!! Of course they had a lot of questions for him about throwing up and such - nothing is sacred with a 3 and 5 year old.

I'm really hoping Piper can avoid this and I would guess she's the most likely to be able to since she doesn't go around touching things. We just have to continue to keep washing our hands which isn't an issue for Jay and I, but grubby Caroline and Bryce are a different story.


Lisa :-) said...

Good luck! I hope this is it for this virus in your house. I think you guys have paid your dues!

BJ said...

I think we just need to quarantine your house!!

P.S. I like your flower background with the red blog better then your first version with all red. Not so hard on the eyes:>:>