Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kev!

A big Happy 29th Birthday to my little brother, Kevin! (I KNOW you're reading...)

How can you be 29? I still think of you as a cute, grubby little 8 year old sometimes. It's so funny because I see so much of you in Bryce these days. His feet and hands remind me of yours when you were little and he's just so animated, boisterous and funny, just like you were as a kid. I remember when you used to annoy me and how I thought you had dirty hands and stinky breath all the time and hated if I ever had to share a bed with you when we went on a trip. I remember thinking you were yucky. And now, well, now Bryce reminds me so much of that and it's funny how I can't help but just completely love him and I totally understand how much mom just adores you. (Not that I don't!) But I just see things differently now - makes me appreciate you more.

And what's crazy to think is that now that you're approaching your 30th year, it's weird to think that mom and dad almost have 3 kids in their 30's. How is that possible? We were all just kids a few minutes ago.

I thought you should know too that when Bryce came stumbling into my room this morning at 6:30am, the first thing he said was, "It's Uncle Kevin's birthday! I wonder what his cake will look like." We love you, Kev!


Anonymous said...

Funny how you point out that your paretns almost have 3 30-something-year-olds! Bet they love you for pointing that out!

And too cute how you love your brother more because of your son... awwwww!

Happy Birthday Kevin!
~ Viv

Brother Kev said...

Thank you very much. It was a rough day at work and Kel has to work late, so this made my evening a whole lot brighter.