Friday, January 09, 2009


So the furlough gauntlet came down literally a few hours before we closed down for the holiday break. I thought the timing was highly suspect. But it outlined how the furloughs will work and how many each employee will have to take based on salary. I have to take 2, which isn't so bad. Really, it's just 2 extra days vacation - unpaid vacation, but whatever. I had to go ahead and pick them already though so I picked Fridays, of course. Who picks a mandated day off in the middle of the week??? One is a day that I know Caroline and Bryce's daycare is closed and the other is just a random Friday in March.

Technically a furlough is actually a small salary cut for all employees, but I'd much rather a furlough than widespread job cuts. Of course they aren't saying those are completely out of the realm of possibility for the next fiscal year. But, I'd guess I'll continue to be in a fairly safe place. State agencies have the joy of a poor economy not hitting them as quickly as it does the private sector - kind of a trickle down effect. I remember it being that way in 2001 too. And so that means that when the economy does pick back up, there is a delay before it hits the university system too.

Interestingly enough, in these depressing economic times it's interesting to note how high our application numbers have been. Basically, the economy is helping us out. The worse the economy, the more people go back to school. The irony though is that state funding is reduced so departments have to do more with little and we all know how fun that can be. But it's a good problem to have, I suppose since students are what keep us in business and students wanting to attend will keep things rolling. Thank goodness for that!

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