Friday, January 02, 2009

First Bug of 2009

Poor Caroline. She spent the night with my IL's last night and this morning my MIL called to say she had been throwing up since 6am. Clearly it's the stomach virus that is going around which Piper and I had before Christmas. I still can't believe that Jason, Caroline and Bryce didn't get it that round. We were supposed to go up to Jason's grandmother's today for a post-Christmas visit but we're calling that off. Based on how contagious it is I'd hate for his grandparents to get sick, especially his ailing great-aunt. Bryce is running around yelling, "I WON'T GET SICK!" and is a bit agitated that we're implying he may. At least Piper and I have had it so if the rest of the family succumbs, I can take care of them. Now to get Caroline home - I feel terrible that she's sick and not at home. Poor baby.


Katie said...

I feel terrible she got sick after being at our house! I worked so hard cleaning! DOH that sneaky virus!!!! HOW does it keep going??

Erin said...

Ugh. Stinks. But yeah, at least you already had it! And good for you not taking it to the great grandparents! I'm sure we gave it to Tom's grandparents and it put his grandfather in the hospital for dehydration and then my BIL carried it up to their OTHER grandmother, who thankfuly hasn't gotten it. BUt still, yeah, keep the elderly people away from it! Not good!

Erika said...

I think this is WHY it's raging so much - it's near impossible to safeguard against it. I think I read something about the norovirus being contagious up to 3 days AFTER symptoms subside. And obviously, you don't know when you're incubating. She did a lot of throwing up at my IL's (bless them) and right now she's sleeping on our couch, so I'm hoping she's past the worst part. She's is difficult to get fluids into anytime she's sick.