Monday, January 19, 2009

Doctor Report

Piper - 15lbs and 25.5 inches, no shots thanks to her fever. We'll get caught up next week.

Caroline - 39 lbs, 43 inches and no shots b/c she's 5. :)

Kids were good, Piper has no signs of infection and the congestion is only in her head. Probably just something viral that is going around. It snowed all morning amounting only to a dusting but the kids insisted on going out in it. They had a great time - made snow angels right away (ha ha ha ha!) and then all Bryce wanted to do was eat it. I should have taken pictures but I was busy feeding Piper who is just not herself - quite crabby actually. By the time we had lunch the snow had stopped and it had already melted. It really was less than a 1/2 inch, but I guess it was enough for their liking. Not that I want to battle with snow, but I would like for them to have a nice snow to play in. They are dying to make a snow man. And poor Bryce, all he wanted to do was eat it which is gross when it's just a dusting b/c you know he was eating dirt with it. A few times I'd look out and they'd be standing there just trying to catch some on their tongues. My poor, snow deprived children....

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Anonymous said...

That is funny and cute about the kids and the snow. My kids are praying that they go in late because of roads freezing. I hope Piper feels better soon. It is so sad when they are that little because they can't doing anything to help themselves. Feel better soon sweet little one.