Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back to Work and then some...

Tomorrow is back to work. Sigh. Although I need to get back into a schedule that involves regular meals and better sleep, I'm not thrilled about it. Having spent the last week and a half with Jason and the kids makes it so hard. And when I say we've spent it together, that's not an exaggeration. With the illnesses and such, we've really had a little bit of cabin fever lately. But, I'll miss them a lot tomorrow. I wasn't sure what to do tomorrow since my MIL is still recovering from the stomach bug Caroline passed onto her plus, Bryce seems like he might need one more day of recovery. (He has this weird swollen left eye too - without any redness - weird!) But my wonderful mom stepped in and said she'd help - even if it means getting sick herself. Under any other circumstances, I'd just stay home, but tomorrow is the kickoff to our busiest time of year at work and missing the first day would be VERY difficult to catch up. So, I'm very thankful my mom is going to stay with the kids tomorrow. (Caroline could go to school but I've been down that road before with Bryce staying home and I just don't have the energy to fight that battle tomorrow.)

I'm hoping that this will start a pattern of good health for us all. Bryce seems to have finally beaten the cold that he's had since he started preschool. (It was a variety of different colds, just one after another!)

Oh and I thought this was funny. Last night at 1:30am when Bryce threw up, I went in and he was covered in it. I took him into the bathroom to clean up while Jason started stripping the bed and Bryce said, "Mommy, I'm NOT sick. I didn't barf." (As he stands there covered in it.) "I just threw up because I choked." Then he proceeded to recall the scene in Home Alone where the jerky older brother pretends to barf.

I don't know if it's mom instinct or what but I've found that on nights where the kids end up really needing me, I can't sleep beforehand. I'd hardly call myself a clairvoyant but I swear it's the weirdest thing. Last night I could NOT get to sleep and laid there and was wide awake when Bryce started throwing up. I've had this happen to me a lot of times so now I start to think on nights where I can't get to sleep that I'm awake for a reason and usually it proves true. Let's hope I pass out when my head touches the pillow tonight!

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Erin said...

omg, I have noticed this too! Actually, the night Simon puked in his crib (which I had no forewarning of, symptom wise), I had laid there (dead tired, mind you), listening to him breathe on the baby monitor for probably an hour before he puked.

Same with Ben... he got sick in the early early a.m., but all night, I got up and checked on him over and over.

Wish mommy instinct could be bottled and put to use in other areas of my life.