Friday, January 09, 2009

Back on Track

Jason seems to be feeling better. Luckily this virus blows through pretty quickly. Caroline had it the worst and it lasted about 10 hours for her. Once the actual symptoms subside, you feel rough for a bit but it's manageable. Jason spent the day relaxing and sleeping, so I must say, I'm jealous. When I has this a week ago, I was cleaning barf off of Bryce only a few hours after I'd been throwing up myself. And then the next day, I was back to co-parenting in the usual Sunday fashion even though I was pretty wiped out. I did get to sleep in that morning though until about 9am or so. Maybe it would have been better to get sick during the work week to have gotten a day off.

But, I digress. Kids are in bed and I managed to clean all 3 bathrooms to my high standards of cleanliness. All I could think of was that nasty GI bug lurking in there even though I'd been using Clorox wipes all week in the interim. Tomorrow morning I want to totally give the kitchen and all the surfaces in there a once over and hopefully get the floor wiped up really good this weekend. Then maybe I'll feel a little less sketchy on my virus laden house.

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