Saturday, January 03, 2009

All Better - But Not Germfree

Caroline is totally back to herself today. Eating and drinking as usual although not much, but still eating regular food. Now we just wait and see if Bryce will get it. Honestly, I kind of wish he would just get it instead of waiting until school starts. That's always a fun call to get - your kid is throwing up, come get them! Plus, this starts the most crazy time at work so getting away is tougher.

Plus, we have a family get together tomorrow with some friends down in HoCo and I'm hesitant to go based on the fact that Caroline picked up the virus days after Katie's family was better. (My MIL picked it up from Piper/me days after we were better too!) So clearly even when you're feeling back to normal you can still pass it onto others. It's so hard because on one hand you feel totally normal but then I'd feel bad if we passed it onto someone else, especially someone else with kids. Not that they wouldn't pick it up somewhere since clearly it's EVERYWHERE these days. You just don't want to feel responsible for it, you know? Plus, I do really want to go and see our friends too. Of course, the virus seems to have a 36-48 hour incubation period so Bryce could still become symptomatic and make the decision for us.

At least Caroline is over it and seems to have fared rather well. About 8 hours of throwing up off and on and that's it. Not so terrible in the grand scheme of things. And she's rather good at getting it in the trash can too, so I totally appreciate that.

Here's the CDC's information on the norovirus (which is what this stomach virus going around is).

ETA: Is it crazy to anyone else that you can be contagious for up to THREE WEEKS after symptoms subside? No wonder this virus is raging. Who in the world stays home for a few days after getting better, let alone 3 weeks? Ridiculous. Guess you just have to wash your own hands and hope!


Mama said...

Ah, the norovirus. That WIPED OUT my sister's elementary school earlier this year...think not enough bathrooms for all the kids who were puking and having diarrhea! They had to call in extra custodians to clean up...over half her school population went home sick in one day! It hung around for about a week there, I made the Philadelphia news! That's when we had planned to go away but my Mom had to babysit instead...remember?

Lisa :-) said...

Man, that is unreal.