Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wrapping? Check!

Against my better judgement, at about 9:30 last night I decided to tackle the wrapping for the kids. I say against my better judgement because it was already 9:30, I had to work today and I was feeling crappy from this oncoming cold plus extremely sleep deprived from the night before. But, the kids were upstairs and quiet and I figured, I might as well do it NOW when I know they are quiet rather than leave it up to chance that tonight would be a terrible bedtime and they wouldn't go to sleep. So down I went and got wrapping. Jason was already passed out on the couch - he was already planning that tonight would be wrapping night. I figured he knew I went downstairs though.

So, I got cracking and finished up just before 11pm. Aside from kids' gifts, I generally don't do much wrapping, I mostly use gift bags and boxes for non-kid gifts. I feel like kids are totally worth wrapping paper with the excitement of Christmas morning. And now, all their gifts are wrapped and ready to go. I went upstairs and was surprised to find Jason still asleep on the couch. When I woke him up and told him the gifts were wrapped, he was pretty surprised too.

That means that tonight I'll have minimal wrapping to do which is good because right now, I'm running on empty. I feel kind of rotten from this cold and I'm tired tired tired. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe we'll close early today. Or not. I can probably leave early even if we don't.

Usually as long as I'm at my desk working, I have no issues with being sleepy but that doesn't seem to be ringing true today. Yawn. I hope I don't hit my head on my desk or anything if I suddenly am overcome by a bout of narcolepsy.


Lisa :-) said...

I will say a prayer that they let you go home early today! Does your break start today? Hopefully, you will have a pretty laid back night tonight. I am sure that your children will be wound tomorrow night anticipating the arrival of Santa! I know my kids are super excited and you figure they are teenagers. It is funny to see them still excited at this age. MERRY CHRISTMAS! :-)

BJ said...

congrats on the accomplishment! I still have all the wrapping to do and even a little shopping to do. I am such a last minute person. I now have a cold which is making it oh so not fun. Hope you feel better.

PS. I didn't get a chance to respond to your earlier post but awesome birthday present from your parents! Hope you are enjoying your purse.