Monday, December 29, 2008

Wii Love It!

Here's a super cute video of Caroline bowling on our new Wii. I just LOVE how she gets into it and makes such a big motion. The funny thing is, for a 5 year old who has never bowled before, she does pretty darn well. This video isn't the best showing of her skills though - she usually doesn't have any problem launching the ball but in this video she did two times. But it cracks me up how she already knows what a spare and strike are.

Here are our scores: (Don't you love our little Mii's faces?)

Bryce's score is a little high since Jason has to help him, but Caroline's is 100% her making. We're really having a fun time together playing with it so another big thank you to Uncle Jer for the fun family time we're having this week off! Now I'm really getting tempted to get the Wii Fit!

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