Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ho Freaking Ho

I planned to take off tomorrow weeks ago to do the majority of my Christmas shopping. For the past few weeks I've been assembling a MS Excel spreadsheet to compile my list complete with the items I wanted and the stores to visit. The kids would go to their usual daycare and I would use my time wisely and get it just about all done. Then, my MIL asked about keeping the big kids over night tonight and then taking them on a Nana/Big Dad outing on Friday. GREAT! So I'd have a quiet evening with Jay and Piper and get a few things done around the house and then have a slower morning before dropping Piper off at daycare for a little bit so I could move quickly through stores at an early hour. I was kind of looking forward to it - accomplishing so much and feeling like I could relax a little about it all before the holidays.

Well, plans change. Piper's DCP called just before 3pm to tell me that Piper was sick - she had been throwing up each time she ate. The first time she did it, she just figured it was her typical spit up, but the 2nd time, there was no mistaking it, she was actually heaving. And the other 4 kids that she watches had all had it, so I guess it was just a matter of time. So I rushed to pick her up and at that point her little tummy was empty so she wasn't throwing up and she was kind of happy. I took her home, nursed her, and after a little bit she threw most of it up again.

I've never had a baby so young sick with a GI virus before. (Caroline was 15 months when she was hospitalized with rotavirus.) So, I'm so glad Piper is still 100% breastfed at this point because it actually makes managing a stomach virus easier since breastmilk is the optimal fluid/food for a sick baby. Good old Kellymom to the rescue again to remind me that the typical recommendation of Pedialyte for vomitting is not as good as good old fashioned nursing.

I've nursed her several more times for shorter spans and she's kept it down for about a half hour or so before throwing it back up, but because breastmilk is so digestible, she's getting some and she's had a wet diaper since coming home. But now we just wait for her to get over it. All the kids at daycare that had it had it for less than 24 hours, so I'm hopeful Piper will be in the same boat. Of course my next worry is that Caroline and Bryce will be next with it (and of course, you can't rule out Jay and I). Fa la la la la.....

And even if Piper has stopped throwing up by tomorrow, I'm certainly not dragging her out shopping, so my blitz day that I planned so carefully is ruined. I'm guessing I'll have to squeeze it into a few different trips and go out on the weekend - which is EXACTLY what I was trying to freaking avoid. UGH! I hate holiday shopping crowds with a passion and I think maybe that is why I was looking forward tomorrow - a lighter shopping crowd.

But if Piper is feeling better and out of the woods for dehyrdration, it's worth it.


Mama said...

Oh no, here's wishing you guys a healthy new sure need it!

Erin said...

Omg! :( Poor baby! Crossing my fingers that the rest of you stay healthy!

Katie said...

Poor Pipes! She is VERY young for a GI illness! Well, just hang in there.