Monday, December 15, 2008

Savoring Her Babyhood

Piper was 5 months old yesterday (photo forthcoming) and I can't believe how fast her first year is already flying by. She's such a sweet and good baby and those difficult evenings we had with her the first 2 months don't even seem like they ever happened. But I must say, I truly feel as though I am savoring her sweet babyhood.

With your first baby, everything is new and while you enjoy it all, you don't have anything else to compare it to. And then with Bryce, because he and Caroline were so close in age, I felt like I had 2 babies while he was in his infancy. So having almost 3 years between kids and having the 2 big kids be in full blown preschool mode, the contrast between them and Piper is distinct.

I absolutely adore this little baby girl - she is the sweetest little thing and I just marvel at every little smile, gurgle and coo. I love how she curls up so close to me when I feed her and how much she just loves taking a break and looking up at me to smile. I love how much she enjoys mommy cuddles and just comes alive when you talk to her and play peek-a-boo. I am loving how portable she is too. I took her Christmas shopping yesterday and other than having to cart her around in the carseat, it was just wonderful. She didn't fuss one time and just mostly looked around and smiled at me. I couldn't have asked for a better shopping partner. I love that she doesn't talk back to me or completely ignore my instructions. But most of all, I love that she's not old enough to fight with her siblings or to make a huge mess.

I know these days are numbered and I won't love her any less as she grows, but I feel as though I can truly appreciate her babyhood now that I know what is coming. It is such a short and sweet time and I will miss it as she grows since I know she is my last. I'll probably even be sad when she starts sitting up in the next month or so - another baby milestone to remind me that it won't be long before she's into everything. So don't grow too fast, Piper, mommy still needs more time to absorb you.


Lisa :-) said...

Your children will grow to appreciate your sweet and kind words. I love my children being older and we can do different things that we could not when they were small. I understand your words completely. I really miss those baby days. (they sure did fly by). I think I felt the same way with my last. Not that you love anyone of your children more than the other but, the last one is bittersweet. I surely hope that you are somehow printing these post for baby books. Your words are very sweet and I truly think that your children would appreciate to read them as they get older. Keep up the great work. You are an awesome mommy!

Mama said...

5 months???? Really? Already? Where did the time go? That went fast! I rmr when Caroline was born...and can't believe five years has passed since then. My baby will be 18 mos old in January...*blink* that's how fast it went! WOW!