Friday, December 12, 2008

Poor Piper

Well, we made it through the night. She nursed at 10:30pm and kept it down and then again at 2:30am and had no problems. I had her right next to me in the cosleeper again, so every little noise she made woke me up. And then she was up at 5:45, so I'm tired. She ate at 6am and then threw up right away, but this time it wasn't heaving and only one time. Right after, she was smiling and cooing, which she was not doing last night.

So we've been nursing almost every hour or so - not huge amounts - just snacking, but continuing to take in some fluid. But the fact that she's not throwing up anymore is huge and my dehydration worries are lessened. Several wet diapers too! She did have a little bit of a suspect BM this morning that makes me wonder if she'll develop full fledged diarrhea but it could just be the result of a very upset tummy.

But other than that, she's been okay, just wants to be held a lot. So I'm kind of worn out and not getting much done here. At least all my online stuff that I needed to get done is done. Next up is baking and a lot of shopping. Fingers crossed I don't get sick (or the big kids)! My stomach feels a little tentative right now but that could be a result of lack of sleep since I always remember feeling like this the morning after a [no] sleepovers when I was a kid.

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Katie said...

I hope you can cut something out of your list to give yourself a break. Glad Piper is managing, although nursing every hour sounds exhausting.