Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Miracle Happened Here

Bryce is officially full on potty training and taking to it like a duck to water!!!! We've waited for so long due to life circumstances (broken arms, vacations, new daycare) and because he just has NOT been ready. We had a few successful days in the past month but they usually involved Bryce running around half naked - which wasn't terrible but clearly not something he'll be able to do in the real world. (As soon as he put on pants, he had accidents.) However, on Friday he wore big boy underpants with pants over top and every time he had to go, he went to the bathroom!!! And while yesterday was a wash with all the visiting and car rides, today we are already back on track with self initiated bathroom visits! I cannot tell you how excited I am for him. He is VERY proud of himself and is doing such big boy things all of a sudden. He's going into the bathroom all by himself and getting the potty seat up and doing the up and down pants thing without any help. All he's asking for help with is turning on the water to wash his hands. WOOHOO! So I'm not quite ready to venture out with him, but we are on the path to diaper free days, I think.

Now the next task to tackle with him is the whole "boys pee standing up thing." He hasn't been very successful with that and if he does sit down without the special guard on the potty seat, we have pee everywhere. I think Jason is going to manage that since I'm kind of a novice with that anatomy.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm excited for you! I hope Makenzie gets on the potty train soon!
~ Viv

BJ said...

That is so awesome! Go Bryce!!! I saw one of your pictures on FB and he looked so old. He really is growing up!!

Erin said...

Yay, Bryce! :D