Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas is in full effect - I've already got a bunch of stories to share. Kids are happy, we're happy (they slept till 7:30 and only Piper woke up once!) . Caroline is covered in Hannah Montana's makeup (from the Hannah styling head) and Bryce has been rocking out on his guitar.

But I have to already say a big thank you to my IL's for the wonderful Christmas gifts and an especially HUGE thank you to my BIL, Jeremy. Jeremy has had a very fortunate last few weeks and last night surprised us with a Wii!!! OMG we couldn't believe it! What a sweet guy to share his good fortune with us. We are so excited to have a Wii - the kids loved his this summer so it's going to be a fun week and a half off!

Back later!

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Katie said...

Weeeee you got a Wii!