Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Like Butter

This morning I was sitting and nursing Piper when Bryce came in and sat down at my feet. He immediately noticed I wasn't wearing pants - instead I was wearing a skirt with hose. He started rubbing my legs and asking what was on my legs. He was VERY curious. I told him what they were and that they were to keep my legs warm. He kept rubbing them, smiled and said, "They feel like butter."

Huh? Like butta? Where did THAT come from? Since when does a 3 year old describe something to feel like butter?

Update: When I got home yesterday and was getting out of the car, Bryce came out into the garage and as soon as he got close, he started rubbing my legs again. "Ooo, Mommy. Your legs are soooooft." He is definitely going to be a ladies man.

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Katie said...

Bryce is such a ladies man already.