Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jason's Inside Out Meatballs

This all transpired on Christmas Eve and at the time, I was more than aggravated since the kids were going Christmas Eve bonkers and we had 3434 things to do. But in the end it all turned out, but it's certainly a story to giggle at for years to come.

On Christmas Eve morn, Piper woke up with a huge glob of an eye boogie in the corner of her eye along with crusty eye lashes and a reddish eye. Pink eye, sweet. The doctor's office said they were slow and to bring her right in. I threw on some clothes and took off and in my haste of getting out the door, Jason asked me if he should go ahead and start the Cocktail Meatballs we were taking to my MIL's for Christmas Eve. I told him the frozen meatballs were in the freezer and he could see the ingredients on the recipe card. Jason usually does just fine with simple recipes and I didn't even think twice about it - the sauce was as simple as it gets.

When Piper and I got home, I could smell them cooking and didn't even peek in at them. Jason mentioned quickly that they were hard to stir up and I looked through the lid and told him that maybe he'd put too many meatballs into the crock. Again, I didn't think too much more about it.

Then, just before we were leaving, I put something into the dishwasher and noticed the chopper was in there. Um, the recipe didn't call for anything to be chopped, just cranberry jelly, chili sauce, lemon juice and brown sugar. Then, I look at them and it dawned on me what he had done......

See, this recipe is for the meatballs to be made from scratch and has the ingredients to make both the meatballs and the sauce. However, I've never made the meatballs - only used frozen ones and made the sauce. Well, Jason took another route. Instead of just the ingredients I listed above, Jason also added breadcrumbs, onions, and......4 EGGS! JASON!!!!!!!!!

I asked him, didn't you think it was odd that you were adding eggs to the sauce knowing Bryce has eaten it before? He said he didn't think about that only the fact that Bryce couldn't have any. Then I asked him how he accomplished this. Here is how he did it:

1. Put way too many meatballs in crock.

2. Pour all ingredients over top of meatballs, including just cracked eggs. (Do not even beat them!)

3. Try your darnedest to stir them up as well as possible but it will be very hard because you've put way too many meatballs into the pot. Don't even consider that if the eggs don't get stirred in well that there will be chunks of eggs in the sauce.

Apparently, he didn't even bother to read the recipe, just the ingredients. Of course, my next question was, did you add the ground meat to the sauce too?? He said, no, he stopped at that. This is truly ironic because literally the day before a few moms were talking on my mom's chat board about if your husband cooks. The answers ran the spectrum and I was proud to say that yes, Jason cooks. Nothing flashy or difficult, but he can follow a recipe and usually does to a T. Heh. Internet curse???

Needless to say, in all of my stress of the morning, I was none too thrilled at the possibility that our contribution to the Christmas Eve meal was ruined. Jason assured me he would handle it when we got to his mom's. He kept laughing periodically about it on the drive there.

Anyway, so we got there and he restirred the meatballs and made sure everything was mixed well and we let them continue to cook. He and his dad tried them a little later and declared that they were truly good and when everyone else arrived, they were well eaten. I tried them but still thinking about the 4 eggs in the sauce and also agreed that they were good. The sauce was obviously thicker thanks to the eggs and breadcrumbs but the taste was fairly the same, although a little more mellow. So I told him he had a new recipe - Inside Out Meatballs - what's on the inside is what's on the outside too!

I appreciate him helping me that morning and even though it seemed like a bit of a calamity, I'm glad we got a funny story out of it in the end and all was well on Christmas Eve. To all a good night!


Kelly said...

Jesse loved them. He said the next day he was truly upset that he didn't get to take any home.

Erika said...

Well, guess what is on the menu tonight! Although the real recipe and not the Jason variety, but they still taste pretty much the same. He can have as many as he wants!

jason said...

For the record, it was only 2 eggs that I added.

Also, some of the greatest recipes in the world are ones that stemmed from accidents in the kitchen. :)

Lisa :-) said...

That story truly made me laugh! I have made those type of meatballs alot. Never with the eggs!

Mama said...

OMG! I am laughing so hard. That is hysterical. Thanks for the best laugh ever Jay! Reminds me of our family story when my dad tried to use up all the ingredients in our condo kitchen when we were on our last night of vacation...he put bananas in ground beef in an effort to make tacos. Try it...tastes & smells like perfume! We ended up eating out that night...but the family story gets told every time ground beef is being cooked at our house.

Mama said...

P.S. My dad also burned ALL of our vacation money by accident once in our camp fire (this was before ATM cards etc. AND we were on vacation in Canada!!!) He "hid" his wallet in the fire-starter paper & forgot about it when he made the camp fire that evening. That story gets told along with the ground beef & bananas story even though they happened on separate occasions...so I couldn't post one without the other!

BJ said...

I love it!