Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hannah Mon-caroline

She's had a happy birthday! [Eggless] cupcakes to share with her classmates. Lots of phonecalls wishing her a happy day. Her favorite dinner (hot dogs, baked beans, and Kraft macaroni & cheese), another cupcake for dessert, and birthday prezzies!!! (And thank you for all the bloggy good birthday wishes too!!)

Here she is getting her Hannah Montana trading cards from Bryce and Piper:

And here she is posing with her new Hannah and Lola set:

We ended the night rocking out to some Jonas Brothers, otherwise known as the JoBros around this house. Although based on this video it's Bryce doing the rocking out - Caroline sat and just absorbed.

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Katie said...

LOL! Yes! I knew there would be HM & Jonas brothers involved in C's birthday! Glad it was a good one! Bryce looks like he's in an imaginary mosh pit! ROFL.

P.S. Your tree looks so pretty!