Thursday, December 25, 2008

Every Mother's Dream (Nightmare?)

My IL's decided to get Caroline a big girl bike for Christmas - a 2 wheeler with training wheels. She had just mastered her 3 wheel tricycle this summer and seems to be getting too big for it. But this new bike, it was beautiful; all purple and pink and sparkly! I thought she'd be thrilled. Well, the kids opened most of their gifts last night and then they had her cover here eyes and Jason brought it up. Well, she opened her eyes and they asked her if she knew what it was (it was "wrapped" in a fairly transparent drape). Well, at first she was kind of stunned and then she says in an angry voice, "It's a bike. I'll fall off and get hurt! I HATE BIKES!" (The photo to the left is her reaction after she figured out what it was.)

DOH!!!! I was horrified. Nothing much worse than an ungrateful kid - especially at Christmas. Jason was pretty upset too although my MIL seemed to be taking it in stride knowing Caroline very well. We tried to help her smooth it over and she continued with the bad attitude, so Jason removed her from the gift opening and took her upstairs for a talk. Lots of crying and such ensued, but a little while later, she came down and thanked my IL's for the bike.

We let it go and later on, I talked to her about it again and the first thing she said to me was that she was going to fall off and get hurt. So it's pretty easy to figure out that was a huge reason for the response. Plus, this was not something she had really asked for and so I think it was a bit of a shock. Add that to the overstimulating day and you've got a 5 year old primed for something like this. (And she'd already had a bit of a rough start to the day just getting ready to go - she tried to convince me to let her wear flip flops.)

A little later on, she actually went out into the garage with my SIL and me and she got on it for the first time. Very carefully, I might add and with a lot of reassurance that I was right there. Then, my FIL and MIL came out and she pedaled around a bit more. So it seemed she was making her peace with it. Then this morning, I came down about ready to go to my mom's and there she was on the bike smiling. I think it just took a while to digest - I think they'll have a long happy relationship even after such a rocky start.


Mama said...

I remember getting my first 10-speed. I had begged for it for months--then we went to the store & bought it...and my parents made me ride it home...miles & miles...on real roads! My dad bought a bike for himself that day too, and rode behind me, but I was scared out of my mind!!! Those were the days before bike helmets too...I remember the experience like it was yesterday. I thought I was going to die. I still have that bike!! I hope Caroline has many happy memories with her new, awesome looking bike!

BJ said...

Such a story to remember and bring up to her when she gets older:> HA HA! I would have been embarrassed even though I know kids can be kids. Glad to see that she came around and seems to like her bike. Soon you won't be able to get her off of it:> Sydney finally figured out how to ride hers and likes to ride it all the time.

Erin said...

I totally get her reaction 100% and can see Ben reacting the same way! We really do have the same kid... LOL!