Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"What's Ass?"

So I'm home today with the kids because Bryce is sick. I came home from work yesterday to find him laying on the couch with Jason - cheeks flushed and a full on fever. Once we got the fever down, he was his normal self. He'd had a headache in the morning, but nothing else since. He didn't have a temp this morning but within 15 minutes, he started one. So I kept him home and Caroline didn't want to go since Bryce, Piper and I are home, so I'm home with all 3 kids. We've been playing, doing activity sheets, and now we're watching Home Alone. This was one of my fav movies as a kid and always gets me feeling Christmasy. I know it's rated PG and knowing the movie fairly well, I figured the worst will be that maybe they will be a little scared. So we're watching it together and I'm making sure they aren't freaked out by the old man across the street and all of a sudden the character of the Buzz lets the line rip where he loudly uses the word "ASS."

Sweet. Jason and I are very careful of our language and so the kids have probably never heard a bad word. As soon as the kid said it, Caroline says, "What's ass?" Trying my hardest not to smirk, I told her it's a VERY bad word and that it should NEVER be repeated or you get an automatic punishment. Grrrreat.

Then, through the entire movie, there are lots of uses of the word "jerk" and our favorite term, "shut up." Sweet. But at least the kids already know that "jerk" and "shut up" are off limits and every time they say it in the movie, the kids exclaim that no one should say that!

And just near the end of the movie, when I thought I was safe, Kevin says "horse's ass." Man, Macauley! I don't think they noticed that one though since it wasn't as clear. Let's just hope it doesn't rear it's ugly head at school.

But I must say, other than the bad words, the kids are LOVING this movie. Bryce, who never sits long for any show/movie, has sat almost the entire time completely enthralled. It's really precious seeing how into it they are. I think I'm gonna need to get it on DVD since VHS isn't exactly the best quality on an HD TV.


Lisa :-) said...

It is very funny how they pick up only on the bad words. Never fails! If they heard any other word that maybe they normally do not hear they wouldn't ask about it. Or when they hear a bad word and choose to say at just the right embarassing time!

Christine said...

We've been watching both Home Alone's lately and i don't think my kids have noticed the bad words at all (I haven't been paying great attention-oops!). They are fun movies though!